We need to focus on the maintenance and development of our roads, rails, bridges, and more. We need to lead the world in new energies and technologies not be catching up from behind. Here in District 22, projects would include the Port Everglades expansion, All aboard Florida and The Wave in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

I am not a fan of The Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. "Obamacare"). I support a full repeal. I believe in the free market and support the option of health insurance tied to the individual and across state lines. Veterans coverage should be able to be accepted by doctors and hospitals who opt in a similar fashion to MediCare.


We need to align our education programs with today’s job demands and to expand domestic jobs opportunities to employ our graduates. We were once the greatest manufacturing country in the world. Give incentives back to "American Made" and train a work force with a renewed sense of pride in, and respect for, ones self to build it. 

Additionally, Student Loans and the increase in tuition that follows are out of control. We need to create conditions for small business to thrive and take a hard look at the federal loan system. Why can banks borrow money at or near 0% interest while graduates are saddled with interest rates of 6% and higher? Let's work to create opportunities for Young Americans, not blockades.

#WEareDistrict22 #ACHIEVE


I believe that lower taxes and lesser regulations increase the ability of businesses to create jobs and compete on the global level. We need to promote domestic invention and manufacturing; implementing policies that favor "Made in America" instead of ones that tie us up in red tape.

We need sensible budgets, fair trade deals and a focus on lowering our debt. We need to work towards rediscovering the ideals of our Founding Fathers who took pride in standing on their own without turning to the government for handouts. 

we are district 22 & I will fight for us!


As a Representative of the 22nd District of Florida, my job will be to speak for all of District 22 while deciding the future course of our country. I was born and grew up here, my own world views, thoughts and feelings have been significantly molded by my home. The majority of my views center around the belief that in regards to national government, smaller is better. Below are some of my thoughts on subjects on which the National Government should be focused. I believe an intelligent and logical thought process is one of the most important things I can bring to the table. Circumstances change constantly and we need a government that can continually adjust its course for what is best for America (present and future). My goal is to keep an open mind that speaks loudly for Districts 22.


"Speak softly and carry a big stick"  - U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt

​Our military is the greatest in the world and it needs to stay that way. In addition to technological advancements on the battlefield, we need to provide better training, education and support for our veteran's in their life after service to our country.

I am also a dedicated believer in the 2nd Amendment and United States Citizens' Right to Bear Arms.